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FP Series

FP Series are a family of metal case transducers for Measuring and conversion of IEC 688 / 1992 – 04,

HC6010 Multifunction Power Quality Meter

Up to 0.15% accuracy, the HC6010 power meter measures, via the RS 485 Modbus, instant maximum and minimum of all

LP Series

LP Series are a family of transducers designed for high accuracy and excellent long-term stability. For utility, the units are useful

PP Series

PP Series transmitters are a family of plug-in type transmitters, set in a standard DIN 19″ rack mounting or in

SM Series

Model SM series are potentiometer setting meter relays with dual Hi & Lo settings. The setters are multi-turn resistive potentiometers as pre-set buffers which settings are able to be read directly in display for switch selection. The input functions of the units are of wide varieties & ranges, including many parameters of industry process and power system as DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, DC rate, and temperature.