Resistance Temperature Detectors

With Termination Assemblies
Assembly A
Assembly B
Assembly A
Assembly D


  • Terminal Head
    Assemblies with Head & Direct MountConax Buffalo provides high
    temperature assemblies with
    T5, T8, T11 and T12 termination
    heads in aluminum, stainless
    steel or cast iron to meet
    application needs. T5 termination
    heads meet NEMA 4 requirements providing protection against
    windblown dust and rain, splashing water, hose-directed water and
    external ice formation. (See page 11 for details on termination heads.)
    The sheath is affixed to the terminal head using a Conax Buffalo
    packing gland Type PG4 with lava sealant. Terminal heads with terminal
    blocks and gasket seal are rated to 275° F (135° C).
  • Plug & Jack Assembly (PJFC-Plug) Termination & Support TubeAn adjustable support tube offers flexibility for immersion adjustment while
    protecting the sheath from potential damage during installation. The rigid, thick
    wall offers additional support when penetrating the vessel/furnace wall.
    Standard polarized plug and jack termination for use with all calibration types.
    Plug and jack assemblies are made from molded glass filled thermoset
    compounds and are designed to operate in temperatures
    to 300° F (150° C). Polarity identification marks are
    molded in the bodies for installation assistance.
  • T3/T4 Assembly Leadwire Termination and Support TubeThis exclusive Conax Buffalo design provides a practically unbreakable connection between
    the leadwire and probe lead. The T3 epoxy-filled transition is supplied with Teflon-insulated
    extension wire as standard; silicone-impregnated fiberglass insulation is also available.
    Standard extension end leads are 24″ long (longer leads available on request). When the
    progressive description specifies 24 gauge probe wire, 20 gauge extension wire is
    standard. When the progressive description specifies 30 gauge probe wire,
    24 gauge extension wire is standard. T4 termination provides a stainless steel
    overbraid for maximum flexibility and abrasion resistance. Available in
    all sheath materials and wire types. Both termination types
    function to 300° F (150° C) continuous temperature.

Product Description:

Conax Buffalo Technologies offers a complete line of dependable, ruggedized RTDs, ranging from thin film platinum sensors to wire wound sensor configurations available in platinum, nickel and copper. Conax can custom design RTD configuration to suit your specific needs, from trimmable RTDs, which provide added field installation flexibility, to fast response RTDs, for applications where response time is critical.
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