Multi-Function Counters
C346 Series- 1/16 DIN, Compact, Powerful Rate and Elapsed Time Meters

Available with LED or LCD Displays

C346 Versatile Digital Counter, Totalizer, batch, rate meter and elapsed time meter


  • Choice of LED or LCD display to meet any viewing requirement
  • Scale Function enables display of Engineering Units (Length, Volume)
  • Button per digit setting and direct access keys simplify setup and operation
  • Add/Subtract, Add/Add, and quadrature input modes
  • Accepts input signals from a variety of sources: Dry Contact, PNP or NPN Sensors, Encoders
  • Can be field configured to perform rate metering or timing functions
  • Relay and transistor outputs programmable for latching or timed operation
  • Reset via Front Panel, Remote Input or Automatically
  • 12 – 24 VDC auxiliary supply for powering input devices
  • NEMA 4/IP65 rated front panel for use in washdown environments


The Veeder-Root brand C346 family offers a new level of performance in a 1/16 DIN instrument. Fully programmable to operate as a preset counter, a rate meter (with outputs) or an elapsed time counter. Enhanced fuctionality provides operating modes for batching, background totalizing, and operation as dual counters with master sum. When used as an elapsed time counter, the C346 offers unique functionality for measurement of pulse widths or time between pulses. The C346 is available with an LCD display or the industry’s only 6 digit LED display for a 48mm x 48mm product.

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A wide variety of features are present that enable use in even the most demanding applications. Inputs can be accepted from both NPN or PNP sensors, dry contacts or encoders, and the input scaling function enables rate and count inputs to be displayed in engineering units. Single and dual preset models are available and each preset offers both a transistor output, which can interface to an external SSR or PLC, and a relay output for directly driving a load. The outputs can be programmed for latching or timed operation.

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Literature and Technical Information

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Digital Counters

C346 Series

++ C346 Series, Digital Counters| Brochure (588 kB)
++ C346 Series, Data Sheet | (96 kB)
C346 Digital Counters | Batch Counters | Rate Meters | Elapsed Timers
Display: Single line seven segment LED, 7.6mm high or Single line LCD, 9mm high
Count Operation:
Count Modes: Add/Subtract Add/Add, Directional input or Quadrature
Count Speed: 30 Hz (17ms min. pulse width), or 5 kHz (100ms min. pulse width) field selectable (2 kHz in quadrature)
Presets: 6 digit, Single (C346-0_1), Dual (C346-0_2)
Reset: Front panel (selectable enable), remote input or automatic
Calibrator: 0.001 to 9.999 multiplier common to inputs A and B
Decimal Point: Selectable from XXXX to X.XXX
Rate Meter Operation:
Mode of Operation: Time interval (1/Tau)
Update Time: 500ms for each input if frequency is >2Hz
Logic: Low < 1.0 VDC, High > 2.0 VDC
Alarms: Upper and Lower absolute value
Calibrator: 0.001 to 9.999 multiplier common to inputs A and B
Elapsed Time Operation:
Timing Modes: Pulse Width Measurement (cumulative or singular), Period Measurement (cumulative or singular)
Time Ranges: Selectable for Seconds, Minutes, Hours
Resolution: Selectable from XXXX to X.XXX
Count Inputs: Contact Closure, Sourcing, Sinking, low < 2.0 VDC, high > 8.0 VDC, 40VDC Max.
Control Inputs: Remote Reset and Program Enable; low < 2.0 VDC, high > 8.0 VDC, 40VDC Max
Input Resistance: approx. 5KW
Minimum Pulse Width: 17 ms (30 Hz), 100 ms (5 kHz)
Maximum Voltage: 40 VDC
Number: 1 relay and 1 transistor per preset
Relay(s): SPDT 1A resistive @ 250 VAC
Transistor: PNP open collector, 24 VDC max, 10 mA max
Operating Temp.: 0 to 50° C, 32 to 122° F
Storage Temp. -20 to 60° C -4 to 140° F
Power: 115 VAC, 230 VAC 50/60Hz, 12 – 24 VDC
Acc. Power: 12 to 24 VDC, 0 – 50mA
Current Consumption: DC < 150 mA, AC < 50 mA
Front Panel Rating: NEMA 4/IP65
Approvals: CE, UL, CUL
Terminals: Screw Type
Weight: 64 grams, 2.25 ounces
Mounting: Panel mount (mounting bracket supplied), 45mm x 45mm cutout
Dimensions: 48mm x 48mm, 93.5mm deep