Jewell / Modutec

Jewell Instruments/Modutec

Analog and Digital Panel Meters

For over 60 years, Jewell Instruments have provided high quality panel meter s for a wide range of aerospace, industrial and commercial applications. JEWELL and MODUTEC are some of the most trusted brands in the industry.
They are known for:

  • high quality, reliable products,
  • superb applications knowledge,
  • custom designs for unique requirements,
  • “extended staff” relationships with customers
  • creative engineering expertise
If you need to measure it — we can display it— with accuracy and reliability — without compromising your custom requirements. High quality display technology, optimum delivery, unlimited flexibility and applications experience, place Modutec apart from other brands. These qualities make Jewell Instruments your only choice for both new and traditional analog and digital panel meter applications.

Many of Jewell’s Analog panel meters deliver rugged performance to overcome the unique demands of heavy industry. You have a choice of mechanisms to meet the needs of your measuring environment; taut-band for high shock applications or pivot and Jewel for high vibtration settings. Metal covers and cases add to the “Industrial” look of these products, while sealing them for protection from invasive hazards such as dust and moisture.
The only panel meter manufacturer that offers a full spectrum of panel meters. of any size, and shape. Surface mount, window mount, bezel mount. With decades of broad-based experience resulting in a superior breadth of product — and the ability to meet custom needs. Jewell Instruments can provide a proven, quick and cost-effective solution to your panel meter needs.