HSC hysteresis clutches

Magtrol HSC Series Hysteresis Clutches

Magtrol HSC hysteresis clutches
Product Information:

  • Tolerance of ±1%
  • Deviation in torque from brake to brake at any point along their torque/current curve will be less than 4%
  • With this level of matching, a system with multiple tension rollers would provide tension consistency within ±1%

Product Description:

Like the Hysteresis Brake, the Magtrol Hysteresis Clutch develops torque strictly through a magnetic air-gap, ensuring an absolutely smooth transmission of torque from the drive unit to the driven element. Designed to be powered without the use of brushes or slip rings, and being a pure hysteresis device that does not rely on friction elements or magnetic particles, there is never any fear of contamination due to wear particles or leaky seals. This makes Magtrol Hysteresis Clutches and Brakes ideal for use in food processing and clean room environments.

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