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Megger® Model DCM2000P

Digital Power Clamp-on Meters

megger dcm2000 clamp-on meter


  • W, VA, VAR, kWH and power factor measurement even on distorted waveforms
  • AC/DC current up to 2000 Amps
  • True RMS, peak, crest factor, total harmonic distortion, distortion factor, frequency measurement & DC ripple
  • 3 phase power capability
  • Live harmonic analysis, bar graph display
  • Simultaneous display of multiple parameters plus waveform and chart displays
  • Internal logging of five parameters with 5000 readings
  • Real-time logging or download to optional PowerLog software

Data Logging


The DCM 2000P may be used to perform data logging to its internal non-volatile memory , or in real time to a serially connected PC running the optional PowerLog software. In PC mode data is continually sent to the PC and is not stored in the instruments memory. All the parameters shown on the display are logged. When internal logging is selected, up to 5000 readings may be stored, (2500 sets of two or 1000 sets of 5 parameters). The maximum logging period is the determined by the memory capacity and the battery life, (24hrs in this mode). A chart display screen is also available to show the variation of single parameter during the logging period.

Powerlog Key Features


When used with the DCM2000P PowerLog exhibits the following key features:

  • Easy to use Windows format
  • Data presentation in display mimic
  • Table and chart modes
  • Waveform and data download
  • Harmonic analysis of waveforms
  • Logging of up to five parameters
  • Simple exporting of data and trends into other Windows apps
  • PowerLog


The Megger DCM2000P Power Clampmeter combines the functionality of power meter, oscilloscope, harmonics meter and data logger in one easy to use package. The design meets the requirements of BSEN 61010-1 600V Cat IV for supply side applications. A large backlit dot matrix LCD clearly displays waveforms, harmonics, chart trends and up to five parameters at a time. The DCM2000P can measure dc, ac, pulsed and mixed currents up to 2000 A, voltages up to 600 V, all power related parameters including energy consumption, frequency, crest factor, total harmonic distortion, distortion factor and ripple. It features auto ranging and auto-zeroing and has a built-in three-phase adapter for power measurements.

This battery-operated precision power meter can transmit both stored and live measurements to a PC running AVO PowerLog software for further analysis if required. The DCM2000P is ideally suited to measure mains power quality and applications in the development, installation, maintenance and repair of equipment and devices used in power electronics and power engineering. It simplifies the compensation of reactive power, even for complex waveforms with high harmonic distortion.

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Power: 6 X 1.5 V Alkaline MN1500, IEC LR6 or equivalent

Communications:RS232 via special lead supplied with PowerLog.

Standards & Approvals:The DCM2000P complies with the latest international directives concerning safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Safety:For enhanced safety in hazardous environments such as incoming supplies for commercial premises the DCM2000P has been designed to be safe to use on supplies rated up to IEC 61010 Installation Category IV 600V or Category III 750V.

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  • Specifications
pdf icon Description
++ DCM2000P Series Specification sheet (1.6 MB)
Ranges and Accuracies:
Current Measurement  
Ranges (auto) 40/400/2000 A
Accuracy ±1.5% rdg. ±5 dgts
Resolution 0.01/0.1/1 A
Voltage Measurement
Ranges (auto) 4/40/400/600 V
Accuracy ±1% rdg. ±5 dgts
Resolution 0.001/0.01/0.1/1 V
kW/kVA/kVAR Measurement
kW/kVA/kVAR Ranges
4/40/400/1200 kW/kVA/kVAR
Accuracy ±2.5% rdg. ±5 dgts
Resolution 0.001/0.01/0.1/1 kW
Ranges (auto)
Accuracy ±3% rdg. ±5 dgts
Resolution 0.001/0.01/0.1/1/10 kWHr
Ranges 4,40,400,4000, 40,000 kWHr
Accuracy 0.5% rdg (40-70Hz)
Frequency 0.1Hz
Crest Factor
Ranges 10 Hz-1 kHz
Accuracy ±3% rdg.±5 dgts (CF1-3)
Frequency 0.01
Total Harmonic Distortion
Range 1-5
Resolution ±3% rdg.±5 dgts
Accuracy 0.1%
Product Specifications:
Power Supply 1×9 V alkaline battery, IEC 6-LF22
Continuous battery life
Typically 12 hours
AutoPower Off feature

300mm (12 inches)

Depth: 98mm (3.75 inches)
Height: 52mm (2 inches)
Weight (including batteries): 820g (1.8lbs)
Jaw Opening
60mm ø
Safety IEC 1010-1-1992 EN 61010-1 1992-09 safety Requirements for
electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory
use.Part 2-032: 1994-12 Particular Requirements for hand-held current
clamps for electrical measurement and test.

Part 2-031 1993-02 Particular Requirements for hand-held probe
assemblies for electrical measurement and test
600V Cat IV (750V CatIII) Pollution Degree 2.