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Megger® 210600 & 210170 Series

Extended Range Insulation Testers

Megger 210600/210170 Extended Range Insulation Testers


  • Multiple test voltages
  • Guard terminal to eliminate surface leakage current
  • Voltage indicating range
  • Large easy-to-read scale


These Major Megger® Extended Range Insulation Resistance Testers are the ideal instruments when high ranges are needed for measuring insulation resistance. Both provide excellent test voltage regulation and an external guard terminal to eliminate surface leakage current from the measurement. The instruments are all electronic; they generate a regulated dc high voltage and use low-zero-drift, high-accuracy circuits, with high current sensitivity. Designed for portability, each is enclosed in a molded, impact-resistance, flame-retardant case. Both instruments are protected for connection to power distribution systems up to 300 V Line-Ground and 500 V Line-Line for Installation Category III. This relates to transient overvoltage likely to be found in fixed installation wiring.

Cat. No. 210170:

This unit provides high-resistance readings up to 20,000 Mohm. It features an analog meter movement calibrated directly in megohms, ohms and ac volts. Test voltages of 100, 250, 500 and 1000 volts dc are selected by a rotary switch. Insulation resistance measurements up to 20 Gohm can be made on all voltage ranges. The unit is also equipped with a 0- to 5000-ohm continuity range and a 0- to 600-volt ac or presence of dc voltage measuring range. Power is supplied by an ac generator, driven by a hand crank, through a gear train.

Cat No. 210600:

This digital, autoranging model provides insulation resistance readings up to 1999 Mohm. It has a 0- to 600-volt ac measuring range. Test voltages of 100, 250, 500 and 1000 volts dc are selected by a rotary switch, and insulation resistance to 1999 Mohm autoranging can be made on the 500 and 1000 V ranges. It incorporates a 3-1/2 digit LCD calibrated directly in megohms, ohms and AC/DC volts.

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Major Megger testers measure the insulation resistance of wires, power cables, motors, generators, transformers, switchboards and electrical controls. Both models offer multiple test voltages for performing spot and step-voltage tests. Typical applications include:

  • Acceptance testing at time of installation to check conformance to specifications.
  • Routine preventive maintenance testing after installation.
  • Quality assurance testing by the manufacturer.
  • Diagnostic testing to isolate faulty components for repair.
  • Guard terminal to eliminate surface leakage current from the measurement
  • High-resistance readings up to 20,000 MΩ(analog model)
  • Digital autoranging with readings up to 1999 MΩ(digital model)
  • Multiple test voltages

Major Megger insulation testers can be used for detecting high- or low-resistance grounds, short circuits in apparatus, cables, wiring, etc. whether caused by moisture, oil, dirt, corrosion, damage to insulation or natural deterioration. They can also be used to determine the presence of moisture, solvents and semiconducting foreign materials in wires, cables and other conductors, and in built-up insulation systems such as those found in motor windings.Typically, these testers are used to take a series of measurements over a period of time which will show the gradual decline that takes place in the insulation during its operational life. Such monitoring enables the user or to anticipate future performance and to plan ahead for repairs. They are also used to show improvements in the insulation of motor, transformer and generator windings that result from drying-out procedures used after exposure to excessive humidity or water.

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  • Specifications
Insulation Ranges
210170 100 VDC 0-2000 MΩ
250 VDC 0-5000 M Ω
500 VDC 0-10,000 M Ω
1000 VDC 0-20,000 M Ω
210600 100, 250, 500 and 1000 VDC 0-1999MΩ
Nominal Test Voltages
(min. terminal voltage at 1 mA load):
Test Voltage: ±5% at open circuit
Voltage Stability: <±1% between 180 rev/min and 240 rev/min
Accuracy: 210170 ±3% of scale length
Accuracy: 210600 (73.4º F ±3.6º F):<500 MΩ: ±3% ±2 digits

500 to 1999 MΩ: ±5% ±2 digits

Low Resistance Range
Accuracy: 210170 ±3% of scale length
Accuracy: 210600 ±2% of reading ±1 digit
Test Voltage: 210170 3 V ±5%
Test Voltage: 210600 4.3 V nominal
Default Voltage Range
210170 0 to 600 V ac/dc accuracy ±2.5% of scale length
210600 0 to 600 V ac/dcAccuracy: ±2% of reading ±1 digit at 45 to 65 Hz
Capacitive circuits are automatically discharged when the “TEST” button is released following an insulation test.