• Megger

Megger® Model M5000

Dual Display Digital Multimeters

Megger M5000 digital multimeters


  • Tough, Shock-Resistant Toolbag Instruments
  • 0,5% Basic Accuracy
  • Large Character L.C.D.
  • Frequency test functions
  • Micro-processor controlled for dependability and accuracy
  • Automatic Switch Off
  • Water-resistant
  • Drop-proof

Rugged Construction:


Both instruments re constructed to be resistant to the type of mechanical shocks experienced in everyday use. They also resist the ingress of moisture and are suitable for use in applications where they might be exposed to inclement weather.



The 3 1 ⁄2 digit L.C.D. on the M5091 is 20 mm high characters plus annunciators for polarity, overrange and low-battery voltage indication. The large characters make reading the instrument in poor lighting conditions much easier.

The M5097 has a similar 3 1⁄2 digit display, but with an additional analog style bar graph to more clearly illustrate and indicate varying readings; ideal for making peak or null adjustments. The display also has annunciators for range, measurement units, polarity, over-range, low-battery voltage, range hold data hold and low power resistance, so that the operator can easily see what type of measurements are being made.


The Megger® series of hand held digital multimeters combine ruggedness with reliability, accuracy and ease of use. These robust instruments are suitable for general purpose applications, including operation in harsh environments. They are supplied with watertight seals at the rotary switch, input terminals and seams to keep out dust, dirt and moisture. There are two instruments that make up the M5000 series, both offering a wide spectrum of measuring functions and ranges. The M5091 has centre switch selectable ranges, while the M5097 offers a choice of autoranging or manual-ranging for voltage and resistance measurements. The instruments have basic d.c. voltage accuracies of 0,5%, a continuity bleeper, a diode check and autoswitch- off to preserve battery life. The units are supplied with protective rubber holsters which incorporate a built in tilt stand, a nail hook plus a convenient test lead holder.

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The M5091 has all the capabilities necessary for general purpose testing. These include five current ranges enabling measurement u to 20 A with a maximum resolution of 0,1 uA, as well as fully specified voltage and resistance measurement parameters. The M5097 has slightly increased measuring ranges over the M5091 with many additional, advanced features, such as autoranging on the voltage and resistance ranges. there is a range hold feature to allow the selected range to be fixed if the user requires the reading to settle quickly. The L.C.D. display incorporates an analog-style arc (for varying levels) as well as a 3 1⁄2 digit display (for accurate results). The data hold button can be pressed at any time to store the measurement (digital and analog values) to facilitate viewing after moving the instrument to a more accessible position. This facility can be stalled by using the delay hold switch which delays the hold measurement from taking effect by 6 seconds, enabling fluctuations to stabilise.

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pdf icon Description
++ M5000 Series Specification sheet (1.6 MB)

Ranges and Accuracies:

5091 5097

200 mV2 V

20 V

200 V

900 V (d.c.)/ 600 V (a.c.)

300 mV d.c. only3 V

30 V

300 V

1000 V (d.c.)/750 V (a.c.)

0,1 mV

d.c. 0,5% of reading ±2 digitsa.c. 1,3% of reading ±5 digits (40 Hz to 500 Hz)

Input CharacteristicsVoltage Ranges
10 MΩ (in // <100 pF for a.c.)

200 μA2000 μA

20 mA

200 mA

20 A

300 μA3000 μA

30 mA

300 mA

10 A

0,1 µA
DC Accuracy:
1% ±1 digit(20 A range
2,5% ±4 digits)

300 μA & 30 mA ranges ±1% ±2 digits3 mA & 300 mA ranges ±1,2% ± 2 digits

10 A ±2% ±3 digits

AC Accuracy:(40 Hz to 500 Hz)

1,5% ±3 digits(20 A range 2,5% ±4 digits)

1,5% ±2 digits(300 mA ±2% ± 3 digits)

(10 A range 2,5% ±5 digits)

Ranges: 200 Ω2 kΩ,

20 kΩ,

200 kΩ,

2 MΩ and

20 MΩ

300 Ω3 kΩ,

30 kΩ,

300 kΩ,

3 MΩ and

30 MΩ

Resolution: 0,1 Ω
Accuracy: 200 Ω Range;0,75% ±4 digits

Ranges; (2 kΩ to 2 MΩ

0,75% ±1 digit)

(20 MΩ Range;

1,5% ±5 digits)

300 Ω Range;
±1% ±4 digitsRanges: (3 kΩ to 300 kΩ
±0,8% ±2 digits)(30 MΩ Range;±2,5% ± 5 digits)
Continuity Buzzer/
Diode Check:

11,5 mA max test current3,3 V max o/c voltage


1 x 9 V battery(PP3 or IEC 6LR61)

life: ~300 hrs.

2 x 1,5 V AAA (LR03):~1000 hrs.

Display: 31/2 digit L.C.D., automatic polarity,
max. indication 1999
31/2 digit L.C.D., automatic polarity,
max. indication 3200 with 65 segment
bargraph display
Dimensions: 175 H x 84 W x 31 D mm
350 g (0,75 lb approx.)
Complies with IEC1010 Cat III 600 V, Cat II 1000 V
Complies with IEC1010 Cat III 300 V, Cat II 600 V
Complies with EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1