ACT series

Monarch Instrument ACT Series

1/8 DIN Panel Mount Tachometers

Monarch Tach 200

Model ACT-1B Panel Tachometer

  • 5 RPM – 100,000 RPM
  • One pulse per revolution (ACT-1B) 60
  • pulses per revolution (ACT-1B-115-60)
  • AO, IO or PO output options available

Model ACT-2A Panel Tachometer

  • 5 RPM – 999,990 RPM
  • Front panel programmable
  • One or multiple pulses per revolution & scaling .0001 to 9999.9, totalize & count 1 to 99,999, Min. and Max.recal

Model ACT-3 Panel Tachometer

  • 5 RPM – 999,990 RPM
  • ACT-3 includes N.I.S.T. Traceable Certificate of Calibration
  • Front panel programmable
  • One or multiple pulses per revolution & scaling .0001 to 99,999, totalize & count 1 to 99,999
  • Two alarm set points, latching or non-latching programmable hysteresis, low limit lockout
  • Analog voltage output 0-5 Vdc
  • Current output 4-20 mA, TTL pulse repeater output
  • RS232 bi-directional interface
  • Minimum and maximum recall
  • Line Power 115 Vac or 220/230/240 Vac, 50/60 Hz. 12 or 24 Vdc (User Must Specify
  • All New Engine Tachometer
  • ACT-3 tachometer, OM-200 Inductive Sensor and ROS-5 Remote optical sensor
Product Description:
The ACT-1B Panel Tachometer Series (three models) operate from either a single pulse per revolution, ten pulses per revolution, or sixty pulses per revolution.The ACT-2A and ACT-3 are front panel programmable for single or multiple pulses per revolution and for scaling. They may be used as Tachometers, Rate meters, Counters, and Totalizers.

The ACT Series Panel Instruments offer a fixed and floating decimal point and can be supplied with Remote Optical, Infrared, Laser, Proximity, and Magnetic Sensors, and are directly compatible with a TTL input and a 200mV to 50 Vac signal. The ACT-3 also has front panel programmable alarm set points, analog voltage and current, TTL and RS232 outputs. The ACT-3 offers more standard features than any other Panel Bench Top Tachometer available. All models – Universal Input, non-contact operation from optical, infrared, laser, proximity, and magnetic sensors or direct TTL and 200mV to 50 Vac signals.

An array of sensors are aslo available from Monarch.

Specifications :
Specifications ACT-1B ACT-1B-60 ACT-2A ACT-3
Speed Range: 5-99,999 RPM 5-999,990 RPM (Speeds below 5 RPM possible with multiple pulses/revolution)
Accuracy: ±1 RPM or 0.005% of reading
Resolution: 1 RPM 5.000-9.999910.000-99.999












Input Config. 1 pulse/rev 60 pulses/rev 1 or multiple pulses/rev.
Alarm Output N/A Form C relay contacts rated 1A at 115 Vac
Alarm Capability N/A Two alarm set points each, front panel programmable as either high or low,latching or non-latching. Hysteresis and low limit lockout are programmable.
Analog Outputs Optional: Current Output(12 bit)

*must specify full scale RPM

for either option

Voltage Output 0-5Vdc and Current Output 4-20mA. Panel programmable for(IO): 4-20mA (12 bit) OR common full scale RPM or offset ranges.

Analog Output (AO): 0-5Vdc Example: 0V=3600 RPM and 5V=5000 RPM

Output Update Rate Up to 2x per second

Standard up to 25 times/second. Programmable up to 233 times/second.

Output (PO)

Optional: Pulse Output 0-5 V Output. TTL compatible. Pulses out
per rev. equal pulses in per rev.
Pulse Output 0-5V TTL compatible. Pulses out per revolutionequal pulses in per revolution
Scale Factor N/A 0.0001-9999.9
Totalize/Count N/A 1-99,999
Display 5 digits, 0.56″ (14 mm) high red LED
Display Update 2x per second above 120 RPM
Power Must Specify 115V, 230V (50/60 Hz) or 12Vdc input power – Tachometer provides 5-8 Vdc power to sensors
pdf_pic Downloads: General Specifications

The ACT Series consists of three models -one tachometer and two tachometer/



All feature universal input for two and three wire sensors providing signals of 0-5V TTL or 0-200 mVac to 0-50 Vac. All models operate from
optical, infrared, laser, proximity or magnetic sensors and display in fixed
or floating decimal point format. The ACT-3 provides the best user benefits of any
panel instrument available today.


ACT-1B (5-99,999 RPM)

• One pulse/revolution (ACT-1B) or 60 pulses/revolution (ACT-1B-60)

• Output options: 4-20 mA (12 bit), 0-5 Vdc (12 bit) or TTL pulse

ACT-2A (5-999,990 RPM)

• Front panel programmable

• One or multiple pulses/revolution, scaling or totalizing

• Minimum and maximum memory recall

ACT-3 (5-999,990 RPM)

• N.I.S.T. Traceable Certificate of Calibration included

• Simultaneous 4-20 mA, 0-5 Vdc (12 bit), TTL pulse and 2 Alarm outputs and RS232.

• Single event speed capture from start and stop pulses, in units such as
MPH, cm/sec, etc.

Using one sensor –

rotational, loop or reciprocating

Using two sensors –

linear travel.




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