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Yokogawa MY600 – Digital Insulation Tester

  • Featuring enhanced measurement response times of 0.5 seconds and new functionallity for PASS/FAIL Judgement and Polarization Index and Dielectirc Absoprtion Ratio testing
  • Ability to log up to a 1000 data points to internal memory for offline analysis to a PC
  • Automatic LED backlight when working in remote areas with low visibility
  • Large voltage generation and resistance measurement ranges to suit a wide variety of insulaiton types
  • Basic voltage measurement accuracy of +/- 1% of reading and resistance measurement of +/- 2% of reading with the ability to measure up to 4000 MΩ
  • Power off function that minimizes idle time and conserves battery life
  • Built-in auto-ranging for improved resolution at lower resistance levels
  • IP40 Protection Grade for enhanced ruggedness in harsh enviornments