UM331 Digital Indicator with Alarms
1/8 DIN C/W Color Status Display
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Product Information:
  • Active Color PV Display- color changes to show   alarm or deviation status
  • High accuracy
  • +/-0.1% for 250-ms input sampling period
  • Sharp and large 4-digit display
  • Up to four alarm outputs
  • Standard three outputs and optional one output
  • Optional 24V DC Loop Power Supply
  • (24V LPS) for 2-wire transmitters.
  • Standard retransmission output (Also usable as15V DC loop power supply terminals)
  • Easy to understand hardcopy format
  • New communication method MODBUS, PC-Link and Ladder protocols
Product Description:
The Model UM331 Digital Indicator with Alarms is a precision 1/8 DIN alarm instrument provided with universal input. For excellent monitoring operability, it has a large PV display with the PV display color changing function “Active Color PV Display.” It is provided with four alarm setting points or setting outputs (one is optional function). A retransmission output and 15 V DC loop power supply are also provided as standard. A communication function and 24 V DC loop power supply are available optionally.
pdf_pic Downloads: General Specifications