UT450 (1/4 DIN)
High Performance Controller
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Product Information:

  • ±0.1% accuracy and 200 ms input sampling period
  • Sharp and large 5-digit display
  • Dramatic increase in visibility using large LED display with 11 x 20 mm digits
  • 24 V DC Loop Power Supply (24 V LPS) for 2-wire transmitters is available as optional function
  • Expandable inputs and outputs
  • Expandable up to 7 contact inputs and 4 contact outputs, enabling to set as 4 alarm outputs
  • Support for Light Loader – LL100 PC-based Parameter Setting Tool
  • Easy parameter setting on a PC screen, enabling data to be transmitted through the front panel using an optical communication adapter
  • Easy to understand hardcopy format and handy CD-ROM user’s manuals
  • New communication method
  • Modbus, PC-Link & Ladder protocols and coordinated operation are supported

Product Description:   The UT450 Digital Indicating Controller (1/4 DIN size) is a simple and easy-to-use single-loop controller comes with advanced functions. The controller also features an easy-to-see large numeric display. The “SUPER” overshoot suppress function, autotuning, and additionally new “SUPER2” hunting suppress function come as standard functions. Position-proportional control and heating/cooling control models are also available to suit various applications.   Downloads:   pdf_pic Downloads: General Specifications