Yokogawa TB100 Blue Laser Optical Power Meter

TB100 Blue Laser Optical Power Meter


  • Flat sensitivity characteristics at the 400 nm wavelength
  • High power measurement (100 mW)
  • Large photoreceptor (Ø 18 mm)
  • The influence of multiplex reflection is eased by the sensor’s low-reflection surface.

Product Description:

The Blue Laser Optical Power Meter is the perfect instrument for measuring
the power of 400 nm waveband blue-violet laser.
The sensitivity of characteristics around 400 nm is flat,
so an exact wavelength setting is not required.
Palm-sized and lightweight (450 g), the TB100 takes up little place and is easy to carry.
Choose an AC adaptor or dry cell battery for the power supply.

Product Features:

TB200 Sensitivity Characteristics


TB200 Electrical Specifications
Display 7-segment, 4-digit, w/ backlight
Display resolution Switching between 0.1 and 0.01 is available.
Unit display Absolute value: dBm, mW,μW, nW,Relative value: dB
Wavelength setting range 400 to 850 nm
Wavelength (Reference) 405 nm
Range Switching Automatic or fixed (up/down)
Measurement Mode Switching of CW light and chop light(270 Hz/ 1kHz/ 2 kHz)
Averaging Moving average method (10/50/100).Switching between on and off is available.
Measurement interval Approximately 330 ms
Relative value measurement Relative measurement against the referencemeasurementsRelative measurement based on displayed


Backlight Back light goes on as long as the back light key isdepressed. It remains turned on approximately5 seconds after the key has been released.
Auto Power Off Power is automatically turned off 3 or 10 minutesafter the last key operation.
Battery Check Display of ‘ low battery ‘
Buzzer Function Activated upon input of a level larger than the setlevel (variable).
Resume Function Reproduces conditions being set at the time whenpower has been turned off.
Back-up Function Set conditions are backed up during batteryreplacement. (for 8 hours)
Analog Out 0 to approx. +1.5 V (at automatically range switching)
Power Supply 4 dry cell batteries; AC adapter (100 to 240 VAC,48 to 63 Hz)
Weight Approximately 450 g
Dimensions Approx. 205(H) × 88(W) × 43(D) mm .
Accessories DC pack, 4 dry cell batteries pack, AC adapter,adapter for Analog OUT, Power cord, User’s Manual
Environmental Conditions
Operation-guaranteedtemperature/humidity Operating temperature: 0 to +50°C, Humidity: 85%
Storage temperature/humidity -25 to +70°C, Humidity: 85% or less
Method RS – 232C
Data Length 8 bit
Parity None
Stop Bit 2 bit
Bitrate 2400 bit rate
Transmit and Receive Transmission only
It is impossible to remote control the request to sendvarious setup information and data.
Connector D-SUB 9 pin (male)
Sensor Head for TB100: 327010
Electrical/Optical Characteristics
Wavelength range 400 to 850 nm
Light-receiving element Si Ø 18 mm
Power Range (CW Light) 32 nW to 100 mW (-45 dBm to +20 dBm)
Noise Level (CW Light) 100 nW
Accuracy at a Standard Conditions ±4% (1 mW)±3% : When calibrating the 327001 mainunit & 327010 sensor unit together
Measurement Accuracy ±5% (1 mW)
Input type Spatial light
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Typical Models
Model DynamicRange Wavelength Number of wavelengths ApplicableFiber
735020 32dB 1550nm
735022 34/32dB 1310/1550nm
735023 40/38dB 1310/1550nm
735024 38/35dB 1550/1625nm
735025 34/30/32dB 1310/1490/1550nm
735026 34/32/28dB 1310/1550/1625nm
735028 40/38/35dB 1310/1550/1625nm
735029 22.5/24dB 850/1300nm
735030 34/32/22.5/24dB 850/1300/1310/1550nm

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