Yokogawa CA51 Comprehensive Source/Measure Calibrator

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  • AC voltage (including supply voltage) measurement capability:
    In cases where numerous signal converters and other devices are mounted on a rack or panel, the Handy Calibrator can be used to check the input and output signals of each device, while simultaneously checking the power supply.
  • A wide array of useful functions
  • Source:
    Values set in steps of 4-20 mA, 24V DC Power supply to transmitter
  • Divided output (n/m) function:
    Output settings are divided (n/m), eliminating the need for bothersome calculations for percentage output
  • Auto step function:
    Changes the output value in step form based on the setting from the divided output (n/m) functions. Changes can be generated automatically every 10% or 25%
  • Sweep functions: Linearly raises or lowers the output. The raising/lowering time can be set to either 16 or 32 seconds
  • Memory function:
    Source values and measurements forming individual value sets can be saved to or loaded from the Handy Calibrator’s internal memory (maximum 50 value sets)
  • Easy operation:
    The Handy Calibrator incorporates rotary switches for simple handing. Just open the carrying case cover and connect the cables, and you’re ready to take measurements

Product Description:

Comprehensive source/measure instruments for all your calibration and equipment checking needs at maintenance sites. Sensors and instruments require a wide variety of operation checks in the field. The CA51 Handy Calibrator is a basic model with the same functions as the CA71 except TC and RTD measurement functions and online communication functions.


Signal generating unit response time Approximately 1 sec. (Time between start of voltage change and when the voltage enters accuracy range)
Signal genertating unit voltage limiter Approximately 32 Volts
Signal genertating unit current limiter Approximately 25 mA
Divided output (m/n) function output= setting x (n/m) x n=0-m;
m=1-9; n ≤ m
Auto-step output function n value sent automatically when n/m value selection is slected (two option: approximately 2.5 seconds/step or 5 seconds/step )
Sweep function Sweep time (two option: approximately 16 seconds or 32 seconds)
Memory function 50 value sets (generated and measured values are storedas value set with the same address (up to 50 value sets can be strored))
Measuring unit maximum input Voltage terminal: 300VAV
AC Current terminal: 120 mADC
Current terminal input protection fuses 125 mA/250V
Measuring unit ground voltage 300 VAC maximum
Measurement display update rate Approximately once per second
Display Segmented LCD
(approximately 76mm x 48 mm )
Backlight LDE Backlight; auto-off after 1 minute ( from when the light key is turned on)
Consumed power Approximately 7VA
( using 120Vac Adapter)
Auto-power off function Approximately 10 minutes
Applicable standards IEC6101-I; IEC6101-2-31
EM61326: 1997 +1A: 1988
EN55011: 1988, Class B, Group 1
Insulation resistance Across input and output terminal,
500 VDC, 50MΩ or greater

General Specifications:

: Across the input and output terminals, 3.7 kVAC
for one minute
Operating Temp. -20-50 °C, 20-80% RH (no condenstation)
External dimensions : Approx, 190mm(W) X 120mm(H) X 155mm(D)
Weight : Approx, 730kg ( Batteries included)
Power supply
: AC adapter 100 to 240V
: Signal generating leads cables (1-Red, 2-Black)
Measurement Leads (1-Red, 1-Black )
Carrying Case
Four AA alkaline batteries A1070EBX4
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