Yokogawa TA320 Time Interval Analyzers (discontinued)

  • Two Choices of Sampling Modes
    The TA320 has two sampling modes: ” time stamp mode” and “hardware histogram mode.” The time stamp mode allows the user to measure both variables and the time that measurements are taken. Thus, the user can analyze variations in measured variables with time. The hardware histogram mode allows the user to sample up to 99,999,999 (108-1) data items, enabling high-speed statistical computation of massive amounts of data.
  • A Wealth of Display Formats
    Four types of display formats are available: histogram, time variation, list and statistics.
  • 3.5″ Floppy Disk Drive
    The user can save panel setup information and TIFF format screen image data, as well as measured data values, on floppy disks.
    External Arming & External Gating Functions
    The external arming function allows control of the time to start measurement by means of external input signals. In addition, the external gating function is available to control the measurement time.
  • Inhibit Function
    This function allows control of the time period that inhibits input signals from being captured.
  • Multi-window Function
    The analyzer presents a maximum of 16 different histogram windows, enabling data analyses of rectangles, one by one, occurring in multiple numbers in a histogram.
Product Description:
The TA320 Time Interval Analyzer is an instrument which can measure the period, pulse width and time interval of a signal continuously at a maximum rate of 14 MS/s with a maximum resolution of 100 picoseconds. The large liquid crystal display panel is equipped with a touch-sensitive screen, enabling an intuitive, smooth operation in measurement and data analysis. A high screen-update rate allows the immediate display of analysis results.The TA320 has two sampling modes: “time stamp mode” and “hardware histogram mode”. In the time stamp mode, the TA320 records both of elapsed time and measurement result. In this mode the user can observe period variations in measurements with time by using the TIME VAR button. In the hardware histogram mode, the TA320 acquires up to 99,999,999 samples. In this mode high speed statistical computation of a great number of samples can be implemented
Features :

Front Panel

  • Large liquid crystal panel, and an intuitive touch screen
  • Input channels CHA, CHB, 3.5″ FDD
  • Measurement data, information set on the panel, and TIFF format screen image data can be stored on a floppy disk.
  • FDD with MS-DOS format, supporting various modes.
  • PLOT key
    Enables printout of screen images from an external plotter.

Rear Panel

  • External adjustment hole for calibration(10 MHz clock)
  • 10 MHz reference input/output, monitor output A/B
  • Enables the CHA and CHB input signals to be output for monitoring.
  • External arming input
    This terminal enables the timing of the start of measurement to be controlled by an external input signal. It also functions as an external gate input terminal to enable the measurement time to be controlled.
  • Inhibit input
  • Enables the time band during which the acquisition of the input signal is inhibited to be controlled by an external signal input.
  • 100 V to 240 VAC free supply voltage input GP-IB interface (standard)
  • Conforming IEEE Standard 488.2-1987.
Functions :
  • Multi-window Function Assists in Analyzing Pulse Width Modulation
    This function can create a maximum of 16 windows to permit data analysis for each peak of a number of generated histograms. As an example of use, this function is extremely effective for analyzing pulse width modulated data that is employed in an optical disk.
  • Panorama display function
    Example of panorama display screen. This function indicates the particular part of a number of generated histograms that is currently displayed on the screen. It is convenient when used in combination with the multi-window.
    The pointer indicates the part of the overall display at the top of the screen that is displayed in the current window. (The multi-window function and the panorama display function are effective in the hardware histogram mode.)
  • Examples of measurement functions 
    The TA320 has two sampling modes, the time stamp mode and the hardware histogram mode.
    In the time stamp mode, the measurement values and the times at which they occur are each measured, enabling the variation of the measurement results with time to be analyzed using a time variation display.
    In the hardware histogram mode, a maximum of 99,999,999 items of data are sampled, and statistical calculations of a large number of samples are performed at high speed, enabling histogram analysis to be performed.
pdf_pic Downloads:General Specifications
TA320 Screen Display for Various Types of Analysis
Histogram display
This display is effective for analyzing fluctuations of measurement values when performing jitter analysis, for example.
List display
In the time stamp mode, the variation of the measurement data with time is indicated by numerical values. In the hardware histogram mode, the number of times each measurement data occurs is indicated by a numerical value.
Time variation display
This display is effective for analyzing the variation with time of the measurement data.
Statistical display
This display indicates the data resulting from statistical calculations. The standard deviation is indicated as a bar graph at the bottom of the screen.
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