CW500 Power Quality Analyzer


Power Quality Analyzer

Power Measuring, Logging-and Analysis of Data and Report Generation, all in one unit

Yokogawa CW500 Clamp-on Power ) Analyzers
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  • Simultaneously measures 3 CH Voltage input, 4 CH current clamp-on probe input, 2 CH DCV input.
  • Displays value list or trend graph screen of Instantaneous/ Average/Maximum/Minimum of Voltage/Current/Power/Power factor/Phase Angle/Phase Advanced Capacitance Calculation and DCV input
  • Integration Value of Active/ Reactive/Apparent Energy is each displayed by consumption and generation
  • Demand value can be monitored by screens of present power consumption compared to aimed demand power value
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  • Measure Temporary and Continuous Malfunction of Power Line

    Captures temporary malfunction phenomena of power line which causes malfunction or destruction of devices by types

  • Measure Continuous Malfunction of Power Line Harmonics, Waveform, Flicker and voltage and current unbalance
    rate on 3 phase wiring

  • Analysis of Data and Report Generation

  • Detect voltage fluctuation

    When trouble occurs on supply side of electric power, instantaneous voltage drop can affect quality of produced goods at the factory. The CW500 is useful for collecting data such as voltage fluctuation to prevent such problems.


The Yokogawa CW500 is a full-function power quality analyzer with features that include power measuring and logging (one-phase two-wire to three-phase four-wire), power quality measuring (voltage swell, voltage dip, voltage interruption, transient overvoltage, inrush current, harmonics, and flickers), user support (start guide function and automatic detection of current clamp probe), and data analysis and report generation (single-click creation of graphs and reports of measured data).

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Applications/major target markets include power and energy measurement for power plants, automated factories, offices, and commercial facilities as well as power quality measurement for inspecting and troubleshooting power lines of assets where there are concerns of voltage swells, voltage sags, voltage dips, voltage interruption, inrush currents, harmonics distortion, and flicker.
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Literature and Technical Information
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Test and Measurement

++ CW500 Power Quality Analyzer | Brochure (3.9 MB)
Model: Yokogawa CW500 Series Power Analyzers
Bluetooth: CW500-B0 – No Bluetooth Function CW500-B10 – With Bluetooth Function
Wiring connections: 1P2W (max. 4 systems), 1P3W (max. 2 systems), 3P3W (max. 2 systems), 3P3W3current, 3P4W
Measurements items: Voltage, Current, Frequency, Active power, Reactive power, Apparent power, Active energy, Reactive energy, Apparent energy, Power factor, Phase Advancing Condenser, Neutral current, Demand, Harmonics, Power Quality
(Swell/Dip/Interrupt/Transient over-voltage, Inrush current, Unbalance rate. IEC flicker
Other functions: Digital output, Analog DCV input function
Voltage RMS: Range: 600.0/1000 V
Accuracy: ±0.2% rdg ±0.2% rng. (sine wave, 40 to 70 Hz)
Allowable input: 1 to 120% (rms) of each range, 200% for peak of each range
Display range: 0.15 to 130% of each range
Crest factor: 3 or less
Sampling speed of voltage transient: 24 μs
Current RMS: Range: 96060 (2 A type): 2000 mA
96061 (50 A type): 5000 mA/50 A/AUTO
96062 (100 A type): 10/100 A/AUTO
96063 (200 A type): 20/200 A/AUTO
96064 (500 A type): 50/500 A/AUTO
96065 (1000 A type): 100/1000 A/AUTO
96066 (3000 A type): 300/1000/3000 A
Accuracy: ±0.2% rdg ±0.2% rng. + accuracy of clamp-on probe (sine wave, 40 to 70 Hz)
Allowable input: 1 to 110% (rms) of each range, 200% for peak of each range
Display range: 0.15 to 130% of each range
Crest factor: 3 or less
Accuracy: ±0.3% rdg ±0.2% rng. + accuracy of clamp-on probe (Power factor 1, sine wave, 40 to 70 Hz)
Effect of Power Factor: ±1.0% rdg (40 to 70 Hz, reading at power factor 0.5 against 1.0)
Frequency meter range: 40 to 70 Hz
Internal memory: Flash memory (4 MB)
External memory card: SD Card (2 GB)
PC communication: USB Ver. 2.0 USB Ver. 2.0/Bluetooth Ver. 2.1 + EDR Class2
Display: 320 × 240 (RGB) Pixel, 3.5 inch color TFT
Temperature and humidity range 0 to 45°C, less than 85% RH (without condensation)
Operating Temperature and humidity range 0 to 45°C, less than 85% RH (without condensation)
Storage Temperature and humidity range −20 to 60°C, less than 85% RH (without condensation)
Dimensions 120 (W) × 175 (H) × 68 (D) mm
Weight: Approx. 900 g (with battery)
Included accessories (attached): 98078 Voltage Probe,
93046 Carrying case
97060 SD Memory Card 2 GB
USB cable, Power cord,
Quick manual, Alkaline size AA battery LR6 × 6pcs, Input terminal plate × 6 pcs, PC software (CD-ROM)
Optional accessories (sold separately): 96060, 96061, 96062, 96063, 96064 (Clamp-on Probe)
96065, 96066 (Clamp-on probe, flexible type)
98031 (Power supply adapter)*2
93047 (Portable case with magnet)