Model WT1600
Small Current Testing Power Meters
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  • Up to 6 elements available
  • Simultaneous Measurement of 3 Phase Power from Two Systems Using One Unit
  • Covers a Wide Voltage and Current Range
  • Fast Data Storing Interval (50 ms)
  • Fundamental Accuracy 0.1%
  • Wide Frequency Bandwidth: DC, 0.5 Hz-1 MHz
  • Integration Function Capable of Handling Rapid Changes in Input Signal
  • Assured Accuracy with Small Currents within the Rated Range
  • Built-in Printer (Optional)
  • A Variety of Interfaces (Optional)
  • Broad Selection of Display Formats Such as Trend, Waveform and Vector Displays comes Standard with Harmonic Measurement Functions.
Product Description:
The WT1600 is power meter designed for measurement of extremely small currents in energy-saving equipment, as well as measurement of large currents for evaluating large-sized loads. The WT1600 works with voltages ranging from 1.5 V up to 1000 V, supporting a wide range of applications. Because it can accept signal inputs for up to six phases, a signal WT1600 unit can measure I/O signals on inverters.
  • Up to Six-Phase Input on One Units. Synchronized Measurenents Bet
    A single WT1600 unit can meke up to six different power measurements (six input each for voltage and current). With the measure start-stop function (synchronized measurement), two WT1600 units (12 inputs) can be synchronized.
  • Wide Current Input Ranges
    The WT1600 has two different input elements. A 5 A input element is provided for measuring extremely small currents, while a 50 A input element serves to measure large currents.
    Both of the elements can be installed together in the WT1600.
    The current for the 5 A input element can be set as low as 10 mA for measuring extremely small currents in energy-saving equipment.
  • Two input elements
  • 5 A input element
  • 10/20/50/100/200/500 mA, 1/2/5 A (DC, 0.5 Hz to 1 MHz)
  • 50 A input element
  • 1/2/5/10/20/50 A (DC, 0.5 Hz to 100kHz)
  • Current sensor input range (same for 5 A and 50 A input elements; standard) 50/100/250/500 mV, 1/2/5/10 V (DC, 0.5 Hz to 500 kHz)
  • Data Storing as Fast as 50 ms (20 Times per Second)
    The data can be stored at intervals as short as 50 ms. The WT1600 rapidly calculates input parameters such as voltage rms, current rms, and power. Measurements can be stored in a 11-MB internal memory, which is helpful for applications such as:
    Evaluation of characteristics at motor startup including torque and rpms (requires the optional motor evaluation function)
    Measurement of rapidly fluctuating secondary voltage and lamp current when a light is turned on
  • High Precision and Wide Bandwidth High Precision and Wide Bandwidth. The WT1600 has a higher measurement accuracy than any instrument in its class. It also features a 1 MHz measurement bandwidth (voltage, current) effective for such things as the evaluation of high-frequency illumination devices using inverters.
  • Accuracy Characteristics for 50 A input Element (typical value)
  • Accuracy Characteristics for 5 A input Element (typical value)
  • Accuracy Characteristics for External input (typical value)
  • A Variety of Display Formats
    In addition to numerical data, the WT1600 can display input signal waveforms. Eleven different display formats can be selected on a single WT1600 unit, so it is not necessary to connect an external waveform viewer to check waveforms.
  • The WT1600 displays measurements for each display updating interval in a time series. The time axis (T/div) can be set in the range of 3 seconds to 24 hours (wave off).
    Changes in up to 16 different parameters, such as voltage, current, active power, and apparent power, can be observed simultaneously in long-term continuous tests.
  • Increased Assured-Accuracy Range
  • For High-Precision Measurements
    Accuracy is assured at input ranges of 1% to 110% for AC, and 0% to 110% for DC. (However in the case of AC, it is necessary to input either a voltage or current that exceeds 10% relative to the range in order to have the voltage and current rms values calculated precisely.)


The diagram shows the effective input measurement range (AC voltage and AC current from 1% to 110%) at which accuracy is assured, by range-value rating. When using a 1 A range-value, accuracy is assured down to 10 mA. Also, DC voltage and DC current have assured accuracy from 0% to 100%.
Since with integration power measurement the voltage and current ranges are fixed, the WT1600’s assured accuracy over a wide range makes it a very useful tool.
The WT1600 stands out when it comes to measuring equipment with large input fluctuations such as intermittent control devices and copiers that can repeatedly alternate between normal operation and sleep mode.

Variety of Interfaces :
  • Ethernet Port (10 BASE-T) and Internal Hard Drive (optional)
    The Ethernet function allow you to use FTP server, FTP client, Network printing, Automatic Mail Transfer (SMTP), and others.
  • Motor Evaluation (optional)
    The WT1600 can measure the output from a speed and torque sensor on the output of an electric motor, and calculate torque, rotating speed, mechanical power, synchronous speed, slip, motor efficiency, and total efficiency. Both analog and pulse inputs can be accepted from the sensor. In addition to numerical values, waveforms can be displayed to provide a visual picture of fluctuations in parameter values.
  • D/A Output (30 channels)
    Analog outputs are available for up to 30 measurement parameters. With the 6-element WT1600, as many as five analog outputs are available for each element.
  • SCSI interface (optional)
    With the SCSI interface, you can save measured data to an external device such as an HDD. This is useful when you want to efficiently save measured data and image files.
  • VGA output
    By connecting the VGA output signals to an external monitor, you can create large displays of numerical values and waveforms.
WTViewer Software:
WTViewer Software
The Version 3.03 is now available.
(updated on 02/12/10)
Acquires numeric, waveform, and harmonic data from the WT1600 Digital Power Meter via Ethernet, GP-IB or serial communications (RS-232)WTViewer is an application software tool that reads numeric, waveform, and harmonic data measured with the WT1600 Digital Power Meter. Data can be transferred into your personal computer via Ethernet, GP-IB (parallel) or RS-232 (serial) communications, or from a Zip or floppy disk. It lets you view waveforms on your computer, convert numeric or waveform data to a specified format, and store the data.
Software Features:
  • You can display the data measured with the WT1600 on your PC via Ethernet/GP-IB/RS-232 communication. WTViewer can also simultaneously show various parameters for one to six elements and for SA to SC calculations, for simple channel-by-channel data comparison.
  • Measuring Harmonics
    With WTViewer, you can control the WT1600 main unit from your PC, including setting the wiring method, range, filter, and scaling, and so on.
  • Viewing Trends
    You can capture various types of data measured with the WT1600 in your PC at fixed intervals. Thus, you can view trends graphically. This feature lets you monitor power supply voltage fluctuations, changes in current consumption and other time-based variations.
  • Vectorial Views
    In harmonic measurement, you can have a vectorial view of the fundamental voltage, current and phase angle. This visual presentation of the interphase relationship in a three-phase power system shows the load condition intuitively.
  • Setting Up the WT1600 from a PC
    With WTViewer, you can control the WT1600 main unit from your PC, including setting the wiring method, range, filter, and scaling, and so on. WTViewer also lets you save or read the settings of the WT1600 onto your PC.
  • Converting Data to CSV Format
    With WTViewer, you can save waveform and numeric data to your PC, while on the PC you can create *.wtd files that can be loaded in WTViewer, or *.csv files that can be imported into Excel spreadsheets. WTViewer also lets you save screen images of measured numeric and waveform data.
Wirepuller Software:
Control your WT1600 and monitor waveforms through a PCWirepuller enables the WT1600 Digital Power Meter to be controlled from your PC via the Ethernet, or GP-IB interface. When the software program starts, the front panel image of the connected WT1600 (control panel) appears on the monitor of your PC. You can control the WT1600 from your PC using the mouse simulate operations using the front panel keys of the instrument.
  • 761922 Harmonic Measurement Software
    Supports analysis methods based on EN61000-3-2 A14 (IEC61000-3-2 edition 2, amendment 1) standard and Enables WT2000/WT1600 control from harmonic measurement software.
  • WT1600 Digital Power Meter File Reader
    This software allows you to display data saved in WT1600 on your PC and change it to .csv format.
  • Large-current Measurements
    Max. 400 Arms (960011), 1000 Arms (751552), 600 Apk (751521, 751523, 751574)
  • Wide Measurement Frequency Range
    20 Hz to 20 kHz (960011), 30 Hz to 5 kHz (751552), DC to 100 kHz (751521, 751523, 751574)
  • High-precision Measurements
    1.0% (960011), 0.3% (751552), 0.05% (751521, 751523,751574)
  • An ideal current sensor unit for highly accurate measurement of high capacity inverters such as EV, EHV, and FCU.
  • Integrated as a sensor, the current transducer makes high-precision measurement possible (for battery evaluation and other applications).
  • Clamp-on probe enables hot line measurement.
pdf_pic Downloads:General Specifications
Ethernet FunctionsRequires the WT1600’s optional Ethernet function to utilize this functioFTP Server/FTP CilentWTViewer can simultaneously control up to four WT1600s for multi-channel measurement.The FTP client function makes it possible to transfer data saved in the WT1600’s internal memory to your PC.Software System Requirements
Operating system:Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000 Professional, or Windows XP

Floppy disk drive: 3.5″floppy disk drive using 1.44 MB (MS-DOS compatible) type disks

Hard disk: A hard disk drive with 10 MB of available free space

Video adapter: A video adapter capable of displaying at 640 x 480 or higher resolution (1024 x 768, 16 bit color or higher recommended)

Display: VGA and Windows compatible display capable of displaying 256 colors (RGB) or more

Printer: Any device compatible with Windows Mouse: Any device compatible with Windows

Communications interface:
GP-IB: a GP-IB adapter by National Instruments (AT-GPIB, AT-GPIB/TNT, or PCMCIA-GPIB)
RS-232: a built-in port, or COM1 or COM2 exclusive (COM1 only for PC9801 or PC9821)



Current sensor unit accessories for digital power meters and power analyzers. DC to 100 kHz/600 A peak Guaranteed calibration with powermeters

Current sensor units can be used for large-current power measurements, which are difficult to take directly in excess of a power meters rating. With the ability to measure a wide range of frequencies from DC to 100 kHz with high precision, these can be used in a variety of power measurement applications, such as EV/ inverter drive motors and fuel cells. In addition, they can be calibrated when used in combination with Yokogawa’s WT Series of digital power meters . This makes them well-suited to power measurement applications requiring an especially high level of precision. (However, only a limited number of points can be calibrated.) Use model 751521 for single-phase measurements and model 751523 for three-phase measurements.

  • 751521
    (for single-phase measurements)
  • 751523
    (for three-phase measurements)
  • Wide dynamic range: -600 A to 0 A to +600 A (DC)/600 A peak (AC)
  • Wide measurement frequency range: DC to 100 kHz (-3 dB)
  • High-precision fundamental accuracy: ±(0.05% of rdg* + 40 µA)
  • Superior noise withstanding ability and CMRR characteristic due to optimized casing design
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